How Can I Firm Loose Facial Skin Without Surgery?

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Despite the many anti-aging treatments available today, a growing number of people are now interested in radiofrequency (RF) skin tightening. This procedure has been around for years and comes with many benefits, especially if you have loose skin or fat deposits around the face that make you feel self-conscious.

Deep creases and sagging tissue do not need to impact your self-esteem or how you feel about your appearance. RF skin tightening in Las Vegas, NV can smooth out problem areas. Below, you can discover information about this unique treatment and what to expect during an assessment.

What causes loose skin around the face?

Our skin loses natural collagen and elastin production as we age. These are two important proteins that give our skin adequate structure and firmness. Over time, wrinkles begin to appear in areas under the eyes, in the mid-face, and around the jawline.

These factors also increase your risk of sagging skin:

  • Genetics
  • Pregnancy
  • Weight fluctuations
  • Hormone changes
  • Damaged skin

Over-the-counter and prescription creams help to a certain extent, but may not deliver the dramatic results you want. Only a professional treatment like RF skin tightening can provide your desired contouring.

How does RF skin tightening work?

RareV performs radiofrequency skin tightening with the 3DEEP by EndyMed, a device that uses ultrasound technology to heat the skin from the inside out. This thermal energy contracts the tissue and provides an immediate lift. The heat also jumpstarts new collagen production, which further tightens and smoothes the skin over time.

Why RF skin tightening?

3DEEP technology has diverse applicators that target different areas of the face and body. If your concerns are related to loose skin on the face, we can focus the energy there. Additional benefits of RF skin tightening in Las Vegas, NV include:

  • No surgery or downtime: This noninvasive procedure does not require incisions or recovery time after treatment.
  • Safe for all skin types: 3DEEP can be used on many skin types, including those with sensitive skin.
  • Natural-looking results: RF skin tightening provides subtle yet noticeable results. You can expect a gradual improvement in the appearance of your complexion over time.
  • Long-lasting results: The collagen produced as a result of treatment provides outcomes that last for months or even years.

An appointment at RareV is the first step in learning about radiofrequency skin tightening and how it can help achieve your aesthetic goals. A consultation allows us to assess your health and the laxity of your skin before customizing a treatment plan.

Combining RF skin tightening with other treatments

3DEEP can be done with other cosmetic procedures to enhance your results and address a variety of concerns. For example, we may recommend combining RF skin tightening with cosmetic injections. Dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxers provide volume and lift when deep creases are present. Our injections can make your face appear even more refreshed and rejuvenated.

Tighten loose skin around the face

Loose skin around the face can make you look older and feel embarrassed about your appearance. Anyone who wants to address common cosmetic issues should call RareV to learn about RF skin tightening in Las Vegas, NV. Board-certified physician Dr. Raj Singh is proud to offer processes that are minimally invasive, yet highly effective.

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