Men's Spa Services

Back Facial

Why ignore the back? Get exfoliation and a deep cleanse with our customized back facial for men

Laser Hair Removal

Ditch the razor and learn about laser. Get painless, permanent hair removal with last hair removal.

- Ear Hair Removal
- Chest Hair Removal
- Back Hair Removal
- Underarm Hair Removal

Executive Facial

This facial treatment is specifically designed for men to take care of their skins. There are various advantages of his procedure, and these are as follows: Exfoliation of the dead skin, evacuation of unwanted hairs, oils, and defects. Its benefits are the infusion of cooling, soothing, and calming agents into the skin. The procedure is excellent for all skin varieties and also plays a role in the purification of the skin.

At our facility in Las Vegas, we ensure this procedure is carried out with the aim of promotion of smooth and healthy skin without any form of skin irritation or downtime. Our Gentleman’s Facial also supports the repair of the hurt caused by the sensitivity of the skin, aging, daily shaving, and dullness. This process is recommended for individuals who want to look fresh and younger. Gentleman’s Facial involves the application of techniques, which include calming head, shoulder, and neck massage, and skin care instructions to adhere to avoid razor burn and inflammation as a result of skin sensitivity. At our clinic in Las Vegas, this facial starts with a thorough pore cleansing combined with steam and enzyme peeling supported by a customized repair ampoule. We follow the process with a soothing anti-stress facial massage with a hydrating mask. A hot towel, a soothing gel, and moisturizer will be spread over the skin to ensure the prevention of razor burn and skin sensitivity. It is advisable to shave before starting the treatment procedure to achieve the best results. Our focus at our clinic in Las Vegas is to give you an appealing look that will entice people to you as you go about your daily activities. We have an unswerving commitment to making our esteemed clients look their best, and our team of experts is always willing to assist with their experience and expertise to deliver quality services. The process is usually concluded within an hour, and this is carried out without issues on the skin and health of the individuals. We are here to help you with the best facial treatments, and you can be assured of our competitive pricing plan, which is considered to be the best in the industry. We are looking forward to receiving you with a warm embrace at our clinic, and you will be surprised by the reception that awaits you.


As you are aware, microdermabrasion is a procedure that entails the elimination of the outermost layers of dead cells with the application of an abrasive device. This technique is recommended as it enhances the development of new and healthy cells, as well as improves the skin by reducing the appearance of fine lines, age spots, sun damage, and pores. This procedure is usually completed within 30 minutes as it is a non-invasive method that improves the appearance of your skin. However, subsequent treatment plans are required to achieve tremendous results. Individuals with sun damage, stretch marks, discoloration of the. Skin, and light scarring will find the microdermabrasion procedure helpful as it helps in the rejuvenation of their skin.

Looking for the best place to have your microdermabrasion procedure done without side effects in Las Vegas? You can speak to us as we have the necessary apparatus and human resources in place to handle the process successfully. Microdermabrasion plays a significant role in the thickening of the element responsible for a younger-looking complexion, collagen. It has been confirmed that the presence of a large amount of collagen is the reason why babies look fresh, and a reduction in the collagen in the body results in sagged skin. According to research, the amount of collagen in the body reduces as we increase in age, but the microdermabrasion technique is one of the best methods to make your skin look more radiant and younger than your age. At Las Vegas Microdermabrasion, we aim to conduct the process in such a way that the skins of our clients glow and look youthful without showing the signs of aging on the individual. We ensure that your desire is achieved as our procedure entails the treatment of acne and its scars on your skin. With the help of our in-house experts in Las Vegas, we can handle the microdermabrasion procedure to enhance patches of darkened skin and reduce and get rid of large pores on your skin. People with stretch marks will love this procedure as we are proficient in the field. Our microdermabrasion process also takes care of the appearance of stretch marks, improvement of blackheads, as well as the elimination of wrinkles and fine lines to give you an enhanced and beautiful look. We can assure you of a unique experience as we have the knowledge and the right tools to make the process a successful endeavor. You do not have to break a bank to enjoy our microdermabrasion services as our prices are competitive and pocket-friendly. Making your skin appealing to individuals around you is our primary priority, and we hope to make your skin the cynosure of all eyes with the application of our innovative ideas. Las Vegas Microdermabrasion is the real place if you are searching for a service provider in Las Vegas that will assist you to regain your beautiful skin.