October 20, 2022

Rarev Spa Celebrates Extensive Expansion and Remodel

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Rarev Spa

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RareV's extensive expansion and remodel transforms the 2-year-old business into a luxurious 3,500 square foot facility for the diverse Las Vegas community. The stand-alone medical spa offers state-of-the-art treatment with the latest technological advances in the aesthetic industry. Spa founder Dr. Raj Singh welcomes the opportunity to provide "one of the most luxurious medical spas in the country adjacent to the world-famous Las Vegas strip."

Seven Heart Med Spa in Las Vegas, NV features innovative treatment with the most technologically advanced equipment. Each initial appointment includes an EMAGE 3D Skin Analysis to assess skin issues as a basis for proper treatment. A spacious lounge offers comfortable seating and complimentary coffee, tea, or water where clients may relax before an appointment.

With compassion for healing and wellness, Dr. Singh honors a commitment to help everyone enjoy the peacefulness of mind that comes from taking care of the body. RAREV Med Spa in Las Vegas, NV offers four types of services that assist clients with injectables, skin issues, nonsurgical treatments, and services for men.


At RAREV Med Spa, clients may choose BOTOX® to slow the aging process by relaxing and decreasing fine lines and wrinkles that often occur on the forehead. XEOMIN® works similarly to lessen the appearance of dynamic lines. Lip Fillers like JUVÉDERM® can treat wrinkles and make lips full and plump. Finally, RADIESSE® reduces lines, fills folds on the face and addresses volume loss that makes hands appear smaller.

Skin services

Clients can find an effective treatment for acne that often resists store-bought drugs. Under the knowledgeable care of Dr. Singh's staff at med spa las vegas, treatments can control the condition and clear up its symptoms. With the results of the advanced technology that EMAGE 3D Skin Analysis provides, clients have an option for achieving a healthier and clearer complexion. While at-home facials offer enormous benefits, medical-grade facial and high-end products can increase the effect. Facials may include BOTOX, dermabrasion, or laser treatment. "Laser technology can identify and attack unresponsive body fat," Dr. Singh takes pride in saying. SculpSure offers innovative technology and minimally invasive lipolysis to trim away unwanted fat.

Nonsurgical enhancements

A range of procedures that improve appearance provides access to enhancements through technology. Laser skin resurfacing and nonsurgical skin tightening offer improvements many people desire but never have received access to it. At med spa las vegas, clients can receive hair loss treatment that satisfies the demand for preserving a youthful appearance. Clients may benefit from innovative advances in hair restoration, and the Las Vegas medical spa serves as a selected facility for addressing thinning hair. Enhancements to the body include RF skin tightening, RF body contouring and laser vaginal rejuvenation.


According to observed trends, services that cater specifically to men at the spacious new facility at rarev menspa have a strong appeal. Popular favorites include the Executive Facial, a delightful experience that calms the head, shoulders, and neck with a massage. After a pore cleansing, clients receive a soothing facial massage and a hydrating mask.

Finally, a hot towel, soothing gel, and a moisturizer conclude the luxurious adventure into a peaceful world. Other services specifically designed for men include a microdermabrasion procedure without side effects. In the med spa las vegas approach, microdermabrasion contributes to creating a younger-looking complexion.

Dr. Raj Singh's RAREV attracts a lot of interest for the unique services that it provides. Based on sound medical practices with an emphasis on providing a comfortable and enjoyable aesthetic experience, the facility introduces a unique concept to a diverse population. His deep concern for the welfare of residents of Las Vegas and its visitors inspires him to offer services that go beyond the typical spa experience. The spacious environment in the 3,500 square foot, newly expanded, and remodeled facility provides access to comfort and health treatments that appeals to almost everyone.

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