Back Facial Las Vegas

Back Facial

Most of us desire beautiful skin, and facials are one of the finest ways to maintain a clear, radiant, smooth surface. However, facials do not just benefit your complexion because there are other kinds of treatments that use the same approach and techniques to deliver incredible skin for the body.

One of these beauty treatments is called the back facial, and if you have never had one, then, you are missing out on a luxurious experience. Not only does a facial designed for the back feel relaxing and amazing, but the results will blow you away.

One Of The Most Neglected Body Parts

Let's be totally honest. It is difficult to exfoliate your back and apply creams and lotions perfectly in this hard to reach region of the body. Even with a long-handled body brush, you probably still cannot get to every inch of your back to remove dead, dry skin cells, treat back acne, soften scars, remove redness and irritation from fabrics worn on the body, and more.

That is why your back is often seen as one of the most neglected body parts, and yet, it deserves much better. A smooth face and smooth body go hand in hand, and the most effective way to achieve nourished, healthy body skin is by visiting a spa for these unique treatments.

A back facial Las Vegas style is one of the popular trending aesthetic treatments at the moment. The treatment improves your skin's foundation in a safe, gentle way.

People Do Notice The Skin On Your Back

Celebrities often go in for back facials, especially if they are appearing on the red carpet and showing off a dress that exposes the back. Brides, prom-goers and others also have these facials done before a public event to ensure their skin looks as good from behind as it does in front.

There is nothing worse than developing acne on your back and feeling embarrassed that people will be staring.

It is normal to get pimples and break-outs on your back because the skin there also contains sebaceous glands and hair follicles that secrete sebum. Your back can get oily just like your face, and pores will clog there, too.

Back facials are the ideal way to combat the problem and show off dewy, radiant skin.

Restore The Skin And Calm The Body

A back facial can consist of several steps depending on the spa treatment you have chosen. Either way, you will leave the salon with your back feeling refreshed and tension-free.

A variety of serums, solutions and techniques can be applied to the skin and can be tailored to your specific needs.

Generally, a facial for your back includes about a 30-minute session. There is no rushing, and clients love their first treatment so much that they often return for more appointments to gain even greater results.

The sessions are suitable for clients of all ages and skin types.

Deep-Cleansing Facial

If you suffer from back acne, there is a facial for you, and your skilled aesthetic technician will begin by performing a deep cleansing of the skin to remove any dirt or sweat that has collected.

Skin care experts will tell you that the skin on your back is very thick, and because of that, blocked pores can occur often. When bacteria becomes involved, acne will develop.

After the cleansing, your aesthetic technician may choose steam to open the pores during the session and use products to remove excess oil, for example.

Then, extractions of blackheads and impurities can be performed to zap away cellular debris and calm any inflammation that has occurred.

Cleanse, Massage And Toner Facial

You could also opt for a general facial for the back to achieve soft, smooth, nourished skin.

Your aesthetic technician will start with a double cleansing to revive your back's dry skin and return the moisture balance. Then, your back will be massaged to rev circulation and remove tension.

Not only does the massage feel incredible, but your skin is getting awesome pampering.

Next, a toner may be applied and then, a mask tailored for your skin may be slathered on your back to rejuvenate glowing skin. Warm, moist towels enhance the treatment.

Exfoliation And Hydration Facial

A back facial Las Vegas style can also feature excellent invigorating products and techniques to smooth, add ample moisture and radiance to your skin.

A deep cleansing will begin the session to create super clean skin, remove any dirt and bacteria from the pores and prep it for exfoliation.

The removal of dead skin cells is essential to glowing, smooth skin, and your aesthetic technician may use a variety of ingredients to create an effective topical scrub for this purpose. This step is designed to stimulate the senses while softening the skin.

Warm, moist towels are used to remove the solution, and then, a back massage follows.

To create an ultimate treatment, a detoxifying mask and hydrating moisturizer will be applied to complete the session.

Back facials can also include body peels or microdermabrasion. These are also body treatments that contribute to clear, smooth and younger-looking back skin.

A light glycolic peel, for example, is an alpha hydroxy acid that is gentle for all skin types and performs superb exfoliation.

Peels are not just for the face but for the skin on your body.

Microdermabrasion is another traditional facial treatment that is also performed on the back. The technique features a handheld device with suction stimulation that removes dead skin cells, boosts circulation and encourages collagen production.

The treatment can improve sun-damaged skin, blemishes and some types of acne and acne scars.

Beautiful skin is available at any age, and today's advanced treatments and products can transform both the skin on our faces and our bodies.

If your back could use a little tender loving care, then, consider the variety of facials designed for the back. You will be pleasantly surprised by the gorgeous glow you receive and the smooth, clear results that will follow.

Best of all, the pampering will feel amazing, soothing and luxurious.




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